DOGANAY TOPRAK SANAYI ve TICARET A. Ş., which continues its activities today in an area of 500.000 m², 30.000 m² of which is indoors, set out with the mission of “better product, better service, better life” when it was founded on 1961. DOĞANAY manufactures clay bricks in 120-meter long tunnel kiln which operate with natural gas at high temperatures such as 1060°C at its production facilities. The company is serving its domestic and foreign customers with best traditional handmade bricks, handmade slip bricks, terracotta tiles and landscape tiles brick production in different shapes, colors and textures. Also, DOĞANAY broke new ground with its brick production, which is a useful, natural and durable construction material and increased its customer mass. DOĞANAY is proud to be a preferred brand in important projects with its natural, durable and aesthetic products.

Our products are completely manufactured by processing natural red clay is very good. Every step of production process is checked by our quality team and our own laboratory. Our products also are tested in Laboratories of the TSE and LUCIDEON and have fully CE marked. Our products are extremely durable and quality to the difficult weather conditions.

Best Handmade Bricks on the Market

If you are looking for the best handmade bricks, then you are on the right page. As Doganay Handmade, we have been offering brick and tile solutions to our clients for many years. Without expertise and experience in this field, we offer highly-customizable and highest-quality building materials to our customers on different continents. We take our business seriously and we know that the quality of our products is the best representative of our brand. If you are planning to place an order for handmade materials and looking for a manufacturer, we are one of the best options you can prefer on the market.

We Offer Handmade Bricks

Depending on your needs and purposes, we can help you and supply the exact handmade bricks you are looking for on the market. All you need to do is inform us about your demands and we will discuss the possible raw materials, design, texture, and color you can use. Once we agree in the terms, we will be manufacturing your bricks and deliver them to your destination as soon as possible. Thanks to our experience in this field, we can also provide you the assistance that you need and guide you to create the best building materials you need.

Contact Us Now for Handmade Bricks

All you need to do is contact us to get detailed information about the pricing, delivery, manufacturing and any other process you wonder. Our representatives will enlighten you in any field that you have question marks on your head. We do not only aim to be a regular manufacturer but also a solution partner to our clients. Your success is also our success. If handmade bricks are in question, then we are an assertive company that will provide you the best possible solutions and materials that you have been looking for. Contact us now and get more information about our services and products.